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Greif vs. Depression and the DSM-5

WASHINGTON, February 22, 2012 – When something senseless is being done in the field of psychology, how can a writer, who is also a therapist, resist jumping into the fray of words?

The senselessness is the inclusion of grief in the forthcoming DSM-5* diagnostic criteria for Major Depressive Disorder.

Maybe after the new manual is in use, the presumed problem of many people being prescribed antidepressants for the loss of a loved one will not pan out. Doctors and clients may prove to have more sense than to fall for that, but humans have fallen for numerous other ill-reasoned ideas.  

Maybe there should also be a diagnosis of Dependency on Good Sense in the new DSM. Why not make "thinking clearly" a mental illness? Then when people become incensed by what makes no sense, they can get a prescription for medication to calm down or cloud their thinking.

Creators of DSM-5
What makes this topic so interesting is that the people creating the new DSM-5 were not picked at random out of a crowd at the mall. They are experienced and knowledgeable professionals that are likely very likable individuals. Until someone proves the writers are being slipped money by the pharmaceutical companies, they are presumed innocent and doing their utmost to create a good diagnostic tool . . .

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