The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.

~Chinese Proverb~

Managing depression: Tips from a cantankerous counselor

No matter why you are depressed, it is certain that your ego mind will contribute as much mud as it is allowed to throw. It will sling thoughts such as:

1. I’m stupid
2. I don’t matter, nothing matters, nothing I do matters
3. I hate myself
4. Nobody cares, including me
5. I shouldn’t be angry . . . sad . . . excited . . . afraid, etc.

First, those are the most unoriginal thoughts ever. Second, what are we actually thinking when we think those things; are they even remotely valid?

1. I’m stupid

Guess what? You are not special when it comes to stupidity. You are just one of the herd that we call the human race. Saying and doing stupid things is not an option. It is so universal it might as well be considered mandatory.

If you insist on calling yourself stupid, sit down with pen, paper, or an iPad, and do not get up until you have defined what you mean by, “I’m so stupid.” It may have something to do with not trusting or believing in your thoughts and feelings.

2. I don’t matter, nothing matters, nothing I do matters

Haven’t you heard? Energy can be both particles (matter) and waves (not-matter). You matter, and you don’t matter; sometimes you are particle and other times a wave. What you do with the mysteries of life is up to you, but it always skews human perception to believe you can have one half a duality and hang the other half. 

Because of the dual nature of nature, if you don’t matter, that means you must matter. If you matter, then it’s time to realize you don’t. Now, how do you feel about that? (Seriously, it matters.)

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