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Scoop on Shyness and 3 Ways to Shrink It


Defining Shyness

Some experts define shyness and social anxiety as being different, frequently citing that social anxiety begins where shyness ends, wherever that is. One thing clearly distinguishing them is that shyness is considered a personality trait, while social anxiety is in the diagnostic manual for mental health disorders.

In this article, we will define shyness as a fear of being judged negatively by others, severe enough to cause discomfort but not intense enough to prevent a person from living their life.

By this definition, someone with social anxiety will avoid going to parties altogether. A shy person will go to the party and feel uncomfortable, but be able to push through the discomfort and socialize with at least one person. They would have more fun without the shyness, but still hob nob with other people.

About Shyness

Shyness is not always a handicap. In every high school, there is at least one girl who is shy but always has one or more boyfriends. It hardly seems fair, but on some people shyness is charming. Sometimes a person is shy in a specific situation such as talking with authority figures, or with the opposite sex. Outside that circumstance, they are comfortable with others.

So who should seek treatment for shyness?

It is up to the shy individual. Decide how much the shyness hampers your life. If that amount of hampering is a problem for you, look for help. If the shy person is your child or adolescent, talk it over with them. Find out how uncomfortable they are and if it keeps them from participating in activities or social gatherings they want to attend.

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