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Memorial Day: So many men and women

It is amazing how much a simple timeline of U.S. war history, and a chart of war casualty statistics can reveal. In a short time you are reminded of things forgotten, or learn a few things you never knew. 

Since 1675, U.S. colonists or citizens have participated in 26 wars. Six of the wars took place before the American Revolution. Two involved the English Colonies against France. Another two were between the French Colonies and Great Britain, and two more involved English colonists and Native Americans.

Starting with the American Revolution, we have had a war every 11 to 12 years of our history.

The longest period of peace was between the Civil War (1865) and the Spanish American War (1898): 33 years without a bona-fide, declared-by-Congress war with countries outside U.S. borders. Still, violence continued in the land of the free as Native American peoples were dislocated from their homes.

Most of our histosry we fought one declared war at a time. An exception is the War of 1812 (to 1815) that overlapped with the Creek War of 1813 to 1814. There was also some trouble on the Barbary Coast in 1815, and we invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in 1961 while we were building up to war in Vietnam.

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