The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.

~Chinese Proverb~

Mother’s Day: It started with war and peace

Julia Ward Howe is known as the lady who wrote the lyrics of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” She also attempted to have a Mother’s Day for Peace (MDP) formally recognized in the U.S.

The idea of MDP was for women all over the globe to unite over commonalities and resolve the world’s conflicts. 

While MDP is a stretch from today’s memorial-to-mothers holiday, it was a celebration of motherhood on a grand scale. Mother’s Day for Peace was a nobel attempt to cultivate human life everywhere, instead of destroy it.

However, the world wasn’t ready for Howe’s surge of feminine energy, and she did not have the advantage of Twitter or Facebook to spread her message: 

“In the name of womanhood and humanity, I earnestly ask
That a general congress of women without limit of nationality,
May be appointed and held at someplace deemed most convenient
And the earliest period consistent with its objects,
To promote the alliance of the different nationalities,
The amicable settlement of international questions,
The great and general interests of peace."

Imagine how the world might be different if MDP had caught on.

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