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Jesse Jackson Jr.'s mood disorder treatment: Not an option for many in need

Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is being treated for a mood disorder. There are depressive, bipolar, and substance induced mood disorders, making Jackson’s revelation so vague it seems more harmful than helpful. It leaves too much room for speculation although, we love to speculate. 

Whatever the specific problem, Rep. Jackson is no doubt getting excellent care at an excellent treatment facility manned by an excellent staff. That is what people do when ill, they look for the best treatment available that they can afford, or are insured for. 

Something else in the news this month is a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). It leaves little wiggle room for speculation. The report concerns seniors, and those who will be seniors in the next couple decades (and beyond). 

Not For Sissies

The population of the elderly in the U.S., which was 40 million in 2010, will reach over 70 million by 2030. Many of these people will likely find it difficult to receive treatment for mental health or substance abuse issues. There are not enough services currently in place to handle this increase of elders, and nothing is being done to prepare for it. 

(You have to wonder, since many states have slashed mental health spending, if anything will be done.)

"There is a conspicuous lack of national attention to ensuring that there is a large enough health care work force trained to care for older adults with mental health and substance use conditions," said committee chair Dan G. Blazer, J.P. Gibbons Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and vice chair for faculty development, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C.

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