The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.

~Chinese Proverb~

Anyone can keep New Year's resolutions

WASHINGTON, December 29, 2011 ― Many of us have given up on New Year resolutions, or we make them knowing we do not have the resolve to follow through. The stumbling block with most resolutions is the same: Action incites anxiety in human beings. Unless we desperately want to reach our goal, any lint-sized bit of fear or dread will stop us.  

There is a simple way to counter action anxiety. We can take ridiculously small steps to our desired destination. Instead of eating healthier, add two foods that boost your mood to the grocery list. Instead of losing 50 pounds, throw the first bite of every candy bar into the garbage (seriously). 

Taking small, non-intimidating steps is called "Kaizen." Most of the time Kaizen is applied in the business world to improve productivity and employee satisfaction. It was introduced to individuals by Robert Maurer, Ph.D., in his book, One Small Step Can Change Your Life, The Kaizen Way (Workman Publishing Company, NY) . . .

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